Hey guys!

I know its been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last . I know I promised to write 30 Articles in 30 Days; that didn’t work out, but not even managing to write a single article in May so far is pretty bad. No excuses, it’s not that I’ve been busy as much as it has been that I resolved that I would NOT end 10th grade year with anything lower than an A in any of my classes, so I have been fighting tooth and nail to get my grades up to As.

Now that my grades are up I can focus on writing at least 3 articles a week on The Prime Pick again. So to stay committed, I got a new domain: www.primepick.net!

Anyways, if you e-Mailed me with any questions or comments re-send the e-Mails and I’ll get around to answering them soon. I’ve kept the views flowing by being slightly active on Quora, by linking people to the Dropshipping, How to Pick a Winner 100% of the Time, and Investing 101 Articles, but the .

I’ve written a lot of half finished articles over the last couple of weeks, but I didn’t feel that it was up to my standards, but I do have a lot of ideas now.

One last thing to note, I found out just now that I made 29% returns last year, and had 42% returns in 2014. I’m feeling slightly more optimistic about how this trading year is going to end now!