Visa (Ticker: V) is an incredibly strong stocks. Visa has been a permanent bull, growing slowly but steadily all the way from 2008 to the present. In an age where more and more customers are going through online vendors, trying their hand at securing cheaper deals at cheaper prices – from the comfort and safety of their own homes, department stores like Target and Walmart may slowly be getting eked out of the niche market that they helped build. Visa however enjoys increased growth in customer spending online. Last years customers spent over 9 BILLION dollars during the Black Friday weekend (according to this). Visa is the most popular credit card (coming in number 1 with 36% of credit card holders owning a Visa credit card) in the United States. This Black Friday Visa can expect about $90 million dollars in revenue.

I also think Dave and Buster’s (Ticker: Play) is an excellent stock with a lot of upside. I’ll have a little something on PLAY out soon.