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So I bought Netflix yesterday at 3:52 pm, rushing to sell all my BAC and TSLA stocks to put 90% of my money into NFLX. I’ve written EXTENSIVELY (even when I wasn’t holding Netflix shares) about why it’s such a solid trade. I’ve just finished this study I was working on, and I learned something else from the study, Netflix and Apple are slated to go up so much, that it’s going to blow your mind (Well I think it should be obvious to all of you reading this that both stocks are going to skyrocket after their quarterly earnings reports).

The Facts:

Out of the Last 8 quarterly reports, Netflix has reported a Quartlery Loss twice! The first time I bought Netflix, was at, $88 and osme odd ccents. This was after the stock completely tanked from $300+ to $55. I’m a strong believer in, “The Market will bring back stocks that are vital to the American Household,” and guess what, Netflix is vital to every binge watcher who’s seen House of Cards, to the 6 year old kid who watches Netflix every day after school.

After I bought Netflix, it reported its first quarterly Profit in some 6 quarters. Overnight my shares almost doubled, and it didn’t let up the next day, or day after. The same thing happened (but to a lesser extent) the next time Netflix reported a quarterly earnings, and it has continued for four quarters after that. Oh and guess What? Netflix is Reporting Quarterly Earnings TODAY! That’s why I was scrambling to buy it yesterday at 3:52 pm after maximizing my profits on TSLA and BAC.


As you can see from the chart above, Netflix has had PHENOMENAL growth over the last 12 months.

The Problem

Netflix not only depends on this Quarterly Earnings Report to keep its drive alive, it also depends on the Report to make a $12 billion deal with 21st Century Fox. The fact that Netflix has rebounded from the $250.00 drop back to its former glory in just 12 months is also astounding. However, if Netflix doesn’t report a profit, it won’t break the $400.00 threshold, and if it doesn’t break the $400.00 threshold soon, it’s doomed to go back down, even if it doesn’t go to astronomical lows like last time.

The Bottom Line:

Well I trusted enough in Netflix to pull through (as it has for the last 6 quarters, and with the release of hit shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards to bring the company back to its former glory.

EDIT: The chart isn’t working so I have attached a link in it’s place. Sorry.