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Well first of all WordPress has been having problems including a “Hack-Attack” by the group Anonymous who seized the data of anyone who logged into or viewed WordPress Blogs/Sites after Christmas. This was limited to a few sites, but I just had to make sure. Google rates WP and the Prime Pick with a safe rating again so everything is good now!

Alright so about Yahoo, it’s a big article, so take your time and enjoy…..!

ImageSo this is Yahoo’s (Ticker:YHOO) 1 Year chart since Marissa Mayer took over. Just look at that increase. So what happened? Well first of all I read on  either Seeking Alpha or ValueWalk that some scientists had found out that stocks of company’s with attractive male or female CEO’s saw close to a double in stock price within the first year of the CEO joining. Well I really wouldn’t accredit Yahoo’s amazing success to Marissa Mayer’s looks since she’s only appeared on one issue of Vanity Fair. Rather I would say that she joined a company that is re-entering phase 2 (at least for its stock). Phase 1 was rehabilitation. Image 1.2 (below) will show you the 5 year chart, and that the company was already starting to stabilize and just needed a push.


Mayer saw how the very top of Google attacked it’s business plan and how it stuck to it ’till the end. Having been about as close to the top job as possible, Mayer helped plan and buy companies that would eventually make Google billions of dollars in revenue. She simply took this abundant knowledge and restructured Yahoo. From personal experience I can tell you Yahoo was already starting to attract younger users and appealed to a wide variety of people. Mayer set in place a very structured FIVE YEAR business plan and started to work Yahoo back into users’ minds. Under Mayer, Yahoo but Tumblr, then other social media sites, bringing their advertising and money making plans to close to a billion users worldwide. 

Yahoo is currently in phase two of it’s stock trend. Phase two is when the stock starts to go upward and starts to go up at a ridiculous pace. This can last for a few month, or even a few years (think Apple, possibly Netflix.)! So this is the time to buy, am I telling you this after Yahoo is gone up over 300%? Yes I am and I’m sorry, but $15.15 to $41.14 isn’t exactly game breaking for a stock that’s going to go up to heights of Google (I can only hope. I correctly predicted to a “T” the month that Apple would fall from its staggering $700.00 stock price. This was because Apple did EXACTLY what it said it would. I am only scared that Yahoo won’t stick to the business plan that it has promised, which would then lose millions billions of dollars for the company. Of course, Google broke its business plan and made a $800 run and is still growing, but Yahoo can’t do that reasonably). 

Last month (December) Yahoo surpassed Google in web searches! That, according to my research, hasn’t been done in almost 6 years! Yahoo is DEFINITELY growing, and I hope that the facts that I have given you (few but true and major) will help you in deciding when to get into Yahoo. I made money on Twitter somehow, despite being a staunch believer that market hype will not make a company that is $-246 million dollars in the hole a profit. I was wrong in that case, but Yahoo has not only Market Hype, but also actual money and revenue coming in from SO MANY sources! And another plus is that it doesn’t (According to its press release 3 months ago), sell your email to 3rd party spammers! 

I’d place a buy order at $40.51 for Yahoo (that should be the safest place for Yahoo to buy), a sell order at $35.29 (the reasoning behind this is that Yahoo does have a chance of falling big before recovering, like Tesla, Netflix, or Apple. In order to prevent massive losses, $38.40 is the widely accepted number, but I disagree because Yahoo has fallen up to eight dollars in a day before recovering to end days in massive gains! That is the lowest it has fallen, so I say six dollars from it’s current price, would be reasonable), and then I’d buy some shares of Yahoo tomorrow at 10:01 am (That is a very calculated time, I’m not even joking.). 

Bottom Line: Yahoo is a slowly growing company that is 1 year into it’s 4 year growth stretch (look at 200 day moving average) and I’d say if you don’t buy it now within the next month, you’d easily be losing $50 – $60 dollars!


I was examining Yahoo’s charts closely, and I just realized something: A death cross or a Golden Cross occurs every other time the crosses happen. It also happens about every 4 years. By that standards, Yahoo is due for a death cross between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years from now because a golden cross has just happened. It may not seem like much, but the price is highest right before the cross occurs! This means that the next time the Cross occurs, if Marissa Mayer’s is able to avert a Death Cross, then we can safely guarantee that Yahoo has entered its second “Golden Age” and then I’d recommend dumping all your money into Yahoo. I’m a day trader, not a long term trader, but for you long term traders, I would buy Yahoo now while it’s super low!

Image Hope I have been able to help at least a little! Enjoy, and invest on!