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Tesla soared TWENTY DOLLARS ($20.53 actually) when investigators in Germany said that there was absolutely NO problem with Tesla. The investigators also continued to give out praise for the automaker saying that they had never inspected a car as safe yet as amazing a ride as the Tesla. Coming from people in the Autobahn capitol of the world, I’d think that the $20.53 jump is well justified, and Salesforce ads just helped Tesla. Remember, it is widely known now that Tesla is a buy and hold, but I’d honestly sell before the American report is out. Why? Because Elon Musk is South African, not American (and as much as I hate to say this), the last time a non-american took on the highly competitive Americans (I’m American so I have no idea why I’m referring to America as foreign country…), he lost. Think about it, Nikolov Tesla, the man who’s name is now remembered almost 150 – 200 years later as the name of Tesla’s car brand, also took on America. In particular, he took on Thomas Edison and the light bulb. Although Tesla applied for a patent 16 months before Edison had, Edison was given the patent. Tesla’s light bulb’s were safer and more efficient, but he was Russian, not American. I realize that this is a conspiracy theory, but history repeats itself. The inventor of the original Paper clip was German, but the American who applied for the patent won it. Same with the creator of the airplane. I’m not sure what his name was, he was French, but he was quickly shot down by the Americans. I completely wandered off on a tangent here, but history tends to repeat itself, and I think that it is going to repeat itself for Tesla, and ultimately drive the stock back to where it was last week, $106.26.


Well that’s the PrimePick for today, enjoy, and comment on what you think is going to happen to TESLA.