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So if you read my article from Thursday of last week, you would have noticed that I predicted that Tesla would go shooting up after November 20th. Today is the 21st, one day after the 20th, and it Netflix (Ticker: NFLX) has shot up $9.00 today after going to a weekly low yesterday of 340.33. Netflix shot up $9.00, as predicted.

Why the Jump?

Netflix’s jump was one of the easiest jump’s to predict that I have seen to date. Not only were the charts lined up (both the 200 day moving average and the 50 day moving average were both the EXACT same price, and the general rule of thumb is that if the stock surpasses both moving averages for 3 days it will go up. If you aren’t a firm believer (or not a believer at all) of charts, then their continuous stream of positive news might have convinced. Netflix has released two new shows, signed two deals with Fox and NBC, AND it also passed 1 billion dollars in earnings this quarter. All signs of an INCREDIBLY stable, fast growing stock.