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Alright, so I hate to write another article on my now favorite stock – Tesla, but it’s nearly impossible not too after reading so many articles and all its fires. Tesla keeps coming under fire (literally) for its lithium – ion batteries that keep starting a fire a minute or two after crashing. Although the Tesla is an amazingly safe car, the Lithium-Ion battery is the only thing that keeps it from reaching its full potential as a car monopolizer.

Anyways, I am writing this article because Tesla has [supposedly] had a fire in the factory where it builds its cars. This news sent the stock crumbling to even cheaper prices in after-hours yesterday, and continues its downward spiral today as well. If the fire actually occurred, then it begs the question of: Was it because of the Lithium – Ion battery? Hopefully Tesla has an official report out on this latest news soon, before stocks go irreversibly low.