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It’s not because it didn’t meet analysts’ expectations. It’s not because it was too overvalued (it really wasn’t). It’s apparently because 3 Tesla Model S cars have CRASHED and the LITHIUM – ION battery caught fire. The car and passenger have been fine in all three cases, and it’s been the consumer that has been in the wrong all three times. However, the market is looking at the batteries. Tesla has been planning a factory to release its mass produce its Lithium Ion batteries, and if every time there is a crash, the battery catches fire, then there’s going to be one time out of a 100 where the driver crashes, and the amazing safety of the Tesla is going to fail and the driver’s going to burn to death too. What’s going to happen then? The company will be irreparably damaged and reputation ruined, it’s going to face tons of litigation cases and someone’s going to get scapegoated and basically the company will burn to the ground. So investors are pushing Tesla as low as they can before buying it. If Tesla doesn’t come up with some good news soon, they’re going to be more than just one foot in the grave.