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Having been a staunch advocate for Tesla (TSLA) since it was at $22.00, I initially bought shares in the company when it was at $119.00, then again when it was at $115.00. Now I bought stock in Tesla, and it turned a three day down run into a $13.00 gain on the day per stock (this and the charts tell you everything you need to know about the timing of Tesla’s big stock run that will happen over the next few weeks) is more amazing then what many analysts even estimate Tesla would net. So why did Tesla go up as much as it did? That’s easy to answer, because Elon Musk stated that it was overvalued now and that it would go up in the long term, so people should buy when Tesla is cheap. And if the CEO and Founder of an influential car company told you something is cheap, wouldn’t you just buy it without investigating it at all? Reason number 2 for the people who actually look at the charts and fundamentals, Google is looking to buy it, while Mercedez – Benz is begging Tesla for a lifeline while offering 4.72% in Meredez. Google speculations have fueled the recent $13.00price increase, but I expect TSLA to keep going up and up in coming days,