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After Solar companies failed one by one last year and the year before, many people wrote Solar companies off as has beens and stocks that could never take off. Now however, solar stocks have been OFF THE HOOK! 

Some solar stocks have posted gains anywhere from 100% – 800% (Once a stock passes the 800% threshold, and goes into 900% gains without a steep loss, it generally has enough momentum to propel to the veryr are 1000%+ gains range) in share price, and a very select few have posted gains in the 1000% range. First Solar Inc. (Ticker: FSLR) is one of the stocks that has posted monumental gains lately, and it’s a GREAT example of why solar stocks have been on the rise lately. With the rise of Tesla, Solar stocks and electric stocks were back on the map, and when investors started to realize that the Solar industry had fallen so low, and that the stocks were so undervalued that it was easy to buy stocks and drive up the value ridiculously fast – they went for it. 

Why can’t the industry just crash again?

Elon Musk – the infamous owner of Tesla – also owns SpaceX and SolarCity. When Tesla goes up, SolarCity goes down, when SolarCity goes up, Tesla crashes into the ground. Why I bring this up is because SolarCity is an amazing indicator of how the Solar market is going to go. When SolarCity goes up, the solar stocks all go up, when it goes down, all the Solar stocks go down. In fact, one of the first stocks to go down when the Solar bubble burst was SolarCity. This time however the Solar market is protected by SolarCity. The company has been rechristened as another “too big to fail” company by Reuters. (Recognize that slogan? I know you do.) Basically. this means is the company falls, then the market crashes alongside it. And since SolarCity is a indicator of the Solar Market it’s doubtful that it’s going to fall anytime soon.